Welcome to our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. It’s been a busy year for the business since we last shared our progress with you.

Ferring is committed to helping people live better lives. Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and women’s health, but we know we have more to do. If we are to create next generation healthcare solutions for patients and doctors, we need to invest more strategically in research, involve patients right from the start, and harness our core competencies to develop innovative and personalised healthcare solutions. This includes treatments, but also diagnostics, devices and education. It’s not just about helping today’s patients, it’s also about anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s patients. Which, of course, is at the heart of our CSR mission – ‘making a difference to people’s health and quality of life – today and tomorrow.’

In 2017 we launched our new Mission Statement, which sets out a bold new aspiration for the business – to be the world-leading, most trusted healthcare company in reproductive medicine and women’s health, and a leader in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology.

In order to do that, we need to continually earn the trust and confidence of our patients, doctors, employees, suppliers and academic partners wherever we operate. Our CSR commitments help us do this, but they also help us in other ways e.g. address risks in our supply chain, reduce our environmental footprint and give us a licence to operate in our communities.

Of our flagship efforts to date, I’m particularly proud of our collaborative research programme CHAMPION. Through the CHAMPION clinical trial, we are investigating a potential solution for reducing deaths caused by post-partum haemorrhage, the leading direct cause of maternal mortality. If positive results are secured, Ferring will manufacture this treatment for the public sector of low and lower middle-income countries that have a high burden of maternal deaths. This will be on a non-profit basis at an affordable and sustainable access price. Since reducing maternal mortality is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I feel it’s a great example of where we can harness our core expertise for the greater good. This is exactly where Ferring should be focusing its CSR efforts – integrated into our business, to our purpose, and helping to address unmet needs.

Of course, looking ahead, we want to build on signature programmes like this. Yet, we also need to work on embedding CSR into our daily business practices. Since we joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we’re committed to its ten principles. These affect all aspects of the business, not just in areas where we have a particular expertise – from business ethics through to responsible supply chains and good environmental practice. We’ve established a good foundation, but I’m keen to strengthen our governance in these areas, and to incentivise and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of my colleagues in addressing some of the challenges. Indeed, they expect nothing less.

I hope you enjoy this year’s report, and as always, we look forward to hearing your views on our progress and to your continued support.



Michel Pettigrew

President of the Executive Board 
and Chief Operating Officer