Our Progress Report

Our CSR journey to date

This summary report offers up high-level reflections on our progress against goals we set ourselves in last year’s report.

Over the past year we have made significant progress. It has also been a year of transition and restructuring in the business. Together with the launch of our new Mission Statement this has has necessitated a review of current endeavours and a re-orientation of our thinking. However, this restructure has enabled a sense of clarity which will carry us forward into the coming year.

For our Signature Programme in Maternal Health: after extensive consultation, we have decided to focus our efforts on existing programmes such as CHAMPION. This initiative, dedicated towards reducing maternal death in childbirth, is the area we believe we can make the greatest difference.

Building on our CSR Ambassadors (formerly Champions) network: we have begun the process of developing training modules for our network and reaching out to new Ambassadors across our business. The testing and roll-out of draft volunteering guidelines remains in consultation phase, in order to ensure fuller global support across key regions.


We continue to make steady progress on our EHS targets, driving resource efficiencies and safety at site level, extending our carbon footprint assessment to Scope 3 emissions, and introducing more rigorous methods of measuring our progress.

Further development of our sustainable purchasing strategy: roll-out of our new Principles has already begun with 1st tier suppliers, though further work will be conducted in the next year to ensure a wider and fuller engagement with other suppliers.

Launch of our first work-life balance initiative: our ‘Work Smarter, Live Better’ initiative, aimed at fostering better employee engagement and motivation, has been launched successfully. A subsequent survey conducted in early 2017 at Ferring’s headquarters reflected a wish for more flexible working arrangements. Since then we have launched new guidelines allowing working from home.

As a signed-up member of the Global Compact we look forward to continuing our learning journey with them, and to sharing this CSR Review with them as our annual Communication on Progress (CoP). The letter from Michel Pettigrew, Ferring’s President of the Executive Board and COO, at the beginning of this review, serves as our formal statement of support for this initiative.