Business Ethics

Good business ethics is at the heart of being a good corporate citizen. To reinforce this, we recently moved responsibility for CSR into the Global Ethics & Privacy Office. There’s always work to be done to raise awareness, train and empower people to do the right thing – ethical dilemmas are part of everyday business, and it is our job to enable colleagues to navigate these, and to support them in cases where they can’t do this alone. 

The business of ensuring we consistently develop, manufacture, market and deliver safe therapies to patients in a responsible way worldwide is a complex one. Firstly, we have a legal responsibility to be compliant wherever we work around the world. Beyond our legal duties we also have a duty of care to everyone whose lives we touch in that process – from colleagues in the labs and factories through to doctors and patients around the world. As a company with a global footprint, we need to be sensitive to cultural norms and practices wherever we operate. We believe in the universality of core ethics and principles enshrined in the UN Global Compact – specifically on labour & human rights, transparency and anti-corruption.

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Our Progress

Policies and practices

The Global Ethics Office is the guardian of business ethics for Ferring. Our Global Ethics Officer reports directly to the Group General Counsel and the Ethics and Compliance Board Committee, itself the custodian of Ferring’s commitment to integrity, corporate ethics and compliance. The core Ethics team is supported by a global network of Ethics Coordinators at local country level, who together aim to ensure that a culture of ethics is shared and fostered amongst both new Ferring employees and senior managers alike.

This approach rests on a core set of policies and guidelines in our Business Ethics Training Responsibilities Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which are updated regularly to stay on top of emerging issues. This SOP is rooted in the Ferring Philosophy, the cornerstone of our approach. Our policies and guidelines are supported by a range of engagement tools such as the Ferring AlertLine and the Ethics E-Learning programme.

'Our job is to create a working culture 
of trust and accountability 
that we can be proud of – one that  
supports good business ethics  
and the Ferring Philosophy.'

Jade L Shields, Snr
Chief Privacy Officer, Head of Business Ethics
and Corporate Social Responsibility
(Global Data Protection Officer)

Selection of our initiatives

Managers Ethics training 

Training on business ethics is an ongoing commitment at Ferring. Our managers’ training is designed to give senior colleagues the necessary tools and knowledge on how to handle common situations and challenges that they might encounter in daily operations, and to build leadership behaviours. We actively encourage participants to use each other as sparring partners in challenging situations. The programme is facilitated by our Global Ethics team and regional management which supports roll-out. This year, our training has reached approximately 100 managers from the Middle East (META) region, 60 managers from India and 40 managers from China.


Ethics Awards 2017 

The purpose of the Global Ethics Awards is to engage and raise awareness on the values of the Ferring Philosophy. Employees are invited to submit their best ideas for what “People come first at Ferring” means to them, using any creative means they choose. The awards are an example of cross-functional collaboration and teamwork. The Global Ethics team was supported by Corporate Communications and Ethics Coordinators, our local representatives for in-country efforts. A senior executive panel selected the final winner – which this year was China – whose team submitted an engaging video explaining why ethics was essential to doing good business at Ferring.


Supplier Conduct Principles 

We have published our Supplier Conduct Principles. These are built around our commitments to the Global Compact, and focused in four areas: Labour & Human Rights, Environment, Health & Safety, and Ethics & Anti-Corruption. We have started sharing these across our supplier base with the aim that they should be included in every tender document for our suppliers.