Ferring’s wellbeing is dependent on the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. We have a longstanding history of engagement with local communities around our factories and office sites. As we grow our business, we expect to grow our commitment to them too.

Given the decentralised nature of our business, we are not overly prescriptive about which community activities our global operations should support. However, two abiding principles guide our approach: supporting local causes that are relevant to the community in question and that are close to employees’ own hearts; and of equal importance - supporting needs in areas where we have a particular expertise or skill, for example in health, scientific education or operational logistics.

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Our Progress

Policies and practices

Aiding our efforts at a local level are our CSR Ambassadors, now nearly 20 across nearly 20 countries. Our Ambassadors are tasked with helping to raise awareness of our CSR efforts and lead local community engagement efforts in their markets. We know we have more to do to empower and engage our Ambassadors, and look forward to creating more opportunities for their involvement in 2018.

To date, we encourage individual countries to shape their own community engagement efforts; countries such as the US and Belgium have led the way with their annual Ferring Community Days which encourage a full day of team volunteering. We intend to introduce Volunteering Guidelines and a supporting framework for local affiliates which will facilitate a more systematic roll-out of volunteering across the business.


Selection of our initiatives

Children’s Network – Hungary

Some of our colleagues in the Hungary office, encouraged by a recently-introduced volunteering policy, have chosen to support the Serious Fun Camps for children suffering with serious or chronic IBD or oncological conditions. The camp (Bátor Tábor in Hungarian) organises therapeutic recreation camps for children and their families, as well as for families who have lost a child to severe illness. The camp is designed to help and support the children to become more resilient and able to cope. Three employees have spent a total of 10 days in the camp over the year, volunteering their efforts and support. They too, have gained an important understanding of the daily challenges to the children and their families.


Cancer Awareness – US

Colorectal cancer can be fatal if it remains undetected. To boost awareness of this disease and encourage better understanding of the risk factors – many of them lifestyle and diet related – the GI team in Parsippany kicked off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month with activities in support of Colon Cancer Alliance’s Dress in Blue Day™. The team organised a desk drop of important colorectal cancer facts to promote the importance of colonoscopy screening, prevention and early detection, and issued colleagues with materials to raise awareness. This effort reached both office and field based colleagues, educating and sharing advice on risk, diagnosis and treatment options.


Community Day – Belgium

Following successful initiation of a Ferring Community Day in 2015, we built on our success in Belgium by identifying two local organisations we could support through volunteering. Ferrng Belgium employees (24 out of 27) contributed a day of their time to Steunpunt Welzijn, a local initiative focused on social integration, and Centrum Therapeutisch Paardrijden, a charity that specialises in equine assisted therapy for children. Each employee was deployed to tasks where they could best contribute – everything from IT support, through to advice on market outreach and cleaning out stables.


Prematurity Research – Global

Ferring has committed $10 million over 5 years to support the network of March of Dimes Prematurity Research Centres in the US, including funding for the new European-based centre. A multi-disciplinary approach, this support will help build a capacity for first-class research focused on preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

'Our CSR Committee strives to ensure
that the Ferring philosophy and our CSR
pillars are evident in everything we do.
Engagement with the local community
not only improves our team-building
skills, but also ensures we put the spirit
of the Ferring Philosophy into practice.’

Samantha Pozzebon,
CSR Committee, Ferring Canada