Healthy businesses need healthy communities. Ferring is proud of its history in engaging with local communities around its offices and factory sites. We believe that being responsive to local community concerns is part of our job.

Our approach to community engagement is guided by two principles: firstly, engaging in issues or concerns that are relevant to our area of expertise (e.g. health, science education); secondly, involvement in local causes that are close to our employees’ hearts and relevant to the communities in which we operate.

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Our Progress

Building a culture of global volunteering – Individual countries such as the US and Belgium have introduced a more formal approach to volunteering through volunteering policies and Ferring Community Days. Building on this, we have also drafted our first set of global guidelines on volunteering which will provide the basis of encouraging a more systematic support and take-up of volunteering programmes around the world.

Creation of CSR Champions network – In order to support our work in CSR around the world, we have recruited a global team of champions to help us build awareness and create local programmes in their respective markets and communities. We currently have around 20 champions and we are looking to increase this number over the coming year.

Sustained support for key projects – We are proud that some of our community efforts in key markets have endured, are still ongoing, and in some cases being replicated elsewhere – such as Project Heartbeat, our US programme that supports fertility treatment for women who have received cancer diagnosis, and our programme supporting an adoption friendly workplace. These initiatives have now been successfully adapted for Latin America. We believe that ongoing support, rather than short term one-off involvement, is vital if communities are to thrive in a sustainable way.

Examples of Our Initiatives

Enabling self-sufficiency for vulnerable mothers in France – La Nouvelle Etoile (The New Star) reinvents the concept of a homeless shelter for mothers and children in the outskirts of Paris. Temporary shelters, day care and transitional living programmes are designed to help young mothers build more stable foundations for themselves and their children. Ferring France is contributing financially to this effort through employee fundraising.

Supporting science learning in schools in Israel – Annually our employees in Israel (BTG) volunteer at a local primary school in Kiryat Malachi. The Science Fair Day is designed to encourage children to be curious about science and show them that it can be both fun and motivating. At least 50 of our local employees are involved with this project, involving contributions – both financial and in-kind. The annual event has gained positive local press and other schools are now keen to participate.

Support of STEM subjects in the US – Our global interest in supporting the next generation of young scientists extends to other regions. In the US, the business supports Students2Science, a non-profit organisation based in New Jersey that encourages children to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – by demonstrating the ‘cool’ side of STEM subjects. The programme focuses on under-represented groups in STEM, including women and inner city students, to help build a diverse future workforce for local companies.

Support of local food banks in Canada – Through a combination of food donations, staff volunteering at food banks, and fund-raising sports events, our Canadian colleagues have made a collective effort to support a cause in their local community.

Dress for Success – This initiative, launched by our US operations, provides work appropriate attire and career support to women seeking employment. We have two clothes donation drives a year to our charity partner Dress for Success, and all employees are encouraged to donate. For women who are unable to afford clothes and need to support their families, this contribution makes a meaningful difference to their self-esteem and chances of finding a job.

Alley of Kindness – To commemorate the 8th All-Russian Congress on Reproduction in 2015, Ferring supported a tree-planting initiative in Sochi between the Perinatal Centre and the City Children’s Hospital, with the participation of key local health officials, local dignitaries and the Ferring Russia team.

Ferring Community Day – Ferring Community Day is a chance for our colleagues in some markets to be involved in a collective team effort to give back to the local community. In Belgium, Ferring worked with a charity partner ‘time4society' to contribute our time for one full day to homes for the disabled and elderly. Colleagues reported that the experience created a genuine sense of team spirit and achievement outside the office.