The Road Ahead

Since we last reported in 2014, we have made some progress on our stated goals. We now have plans to go further. Some are relevant to a specific pillar, whilst others are more in line with our overall journey towards embedding better practice in the business. We see this as a natural progression towards integrating CSR into the way we work and operate.


Goal 1: Our Signature Programme on Maternal Health – We are now in an active development phase. During 2017 we aim to formally identify our partners and launch the platform. This goal is aligned to our stated commitment to support, develop and meet people’s needs and rights, and over time, will provide our employees with an opportunity to get involved. 

Goal 2: Building on our CSR Champions network – Our plans for 2017 will be to pilot our draft volunteering guidelines in a few key markets and to develop CSR training modules for our Champions to engage their local markets and colleagues. This goal forms part of our commitment towards ‘our people’, and enables us to play our role as a good corporate citizen in our local communities globally. 

Goal 3: Delivering on our environmental targets – We have a set of 2020 reduction targets for carbon, water, waste and packaging, which we continue to progress. Specific goals for 2017 also include:

Establish environmental baseline at our new manufacturing sites in the US and India.

Evaluate packaging for sustainability improvements based on Life Cycle Assessments.

Goal 4: Further develop our sustainable purchasing strategy – As part of our commitment to integrate better practice in purchasing, we will roll out our new Supplier Conduct Principles and pilot them with our 1st tier suppliers.

Goal 5: Launch our first work-life balance initiative – This is called 'work smarter, live better', a range of programmes aimed at fostering better employee engagement and motivation through a good work-life balance.

Finally, as part of our commitment to the Global Compact, we will now report our progress annually, and with its help, develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure meaningful progress over time.


The Global Compact Network Switzerland welcomes Ferring to the UN Global Compact. UN Global Compact is the largest Private Sector Initiative for responsible and sustainable business.

It’s an important sign that Ferring, as an innovative and successful company, makes the commitment to implement the 10 UN Global Compact Principles (human rights, labour norms, ecology and anti-corruption) in all its activities. This engagement means, that Ferring takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. It also demonstrates willingness to take up the challenge of investing in sustainable business practices and sharing the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. To reach these objectives, Ferring will need the engagement of its owners, staff, management, suppliers and clients.

We, from the Local Network Switzerland, are happy to join forces with Ferring and support the company on its way. True sustainable innovation will be crucial for the future of our planet, our country and our families. That’s why the Global Compact supports all companies in creating good jobs, products and services that are fairly produced, sustainable and respect human dignity.

I wish Ferring all the best on this journey.


Antonio Hautle

Senior Programme Leader
Global Compact Network Switzerland