The Road Ahead


I am privileged to have been asked to take on the job of directing the next stage of Ferring’s CSR journey.

It is a journey that started, and has been sustained, by many committed colleagues around the world before me. With their continued support and energy, I look forward to playing my part. Building on the foundations we have, we will continue to build a strategy over the coming year that is aligned with our Philosophy and new Mission Statement, as well as supportive of our decentralised business approach.


We will work to:

Support and develop existing CSR programmes

  • Consolidate, support and build on current global and local activities e.g. CHAMPION, March of Dimes.
  • Enable initiatives that align to global objectives – such as unmet needs in reproductive health, ethical supply chains and reducing our environmental impacts (e.g. plans to introduce solar power into our India operations).


Strengthen Governance

  • Build integrated CSR governance and profile to align with the business, embedding CSR into organisational team meeting agendas.
  • A strengthened Taskforce, Advisory Group and CSR Ambassador teams, with responsibilities that will best support this process.


Engage and Learn (internal and external)

  • Support development and delivery of training modules for key parts of the business at all levels: e.g. CSR Ambassadors network, inductions, management training etc.
  • Initiate and support Product Supply team work and training on the Supplier Conduct Principles so that these can be more effectively rolled out into our supply chain.
  • Continue to engage our stakeholders in order to inform our journey and help build a purposeful direction for CSR at Ferring.
  • Foster a more entrepreneurial approach to CSR in the business to enable ideas and activities – e.g. more active participation in UN Global Compact chapters, newsletters to inform and stimulate discussion.


Communicate and Measure

  • Develop our own set of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meaningfully measure progress both internally and against the UN Global Compact Principles. We will start this process by assessing our existing KPIs and benchmarking ourselves against best practice.


We remain steadfast in our commitment to CSR and to putting meaningful measures in place. In doing so, we hope to both learn by doing and learn from others, so that we can deliver on our promise: to make a difference to people’s health and quality of life, today and tomorrow.


Yours Sincerely,

Jade L Shields, Snr

Chief Privacy Officer, 
Head of Business Ethics and
Corporate Social Responsibility
(Global Data Protection Officer)